Thank God For Spam Blocker

I’m so grateful that my cell service provider has a spam blocker. I used to get one or two a week, usually addressing me as “Edna.” Now, I get an average of 10 a day, most of which are caught by the spam blocker and gets sent to the spam folder.

The text messages range from brain pills to CBD to failed delivery of a check. Sometimes it says that a friend has sent me something or I won something from Best Buy. It’s amazing how ruthless these scammers are. Some of the texts are actually worded in a way where many people might just click the link.

I opened my spam text folder before sitting to write this and was amazed to have gotten 41 spam texts over the past 3 days.

Thankfully, I really don’t know that they are here unless I open that folder. Now if I could just stop the spam phone calls while I am sleeping!

9 thoughts on “Thank God For Spam Blocker

      1. Believe it or not, Edna may have been the previous owner of your number. If she had it for many years before you got it, there will be records. I encountered that when I was living in Texas. Once the world went “online”, many paper records were uploaded.

        If Edna happened to be a prominent person for her time, like a teacher or a doctor or a business leader, there would definitely be records on that.

        Just a thought…

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