“Old McDonald’s”

Our baby girl can really make us laugh. For dinner tonight, the plan was to make chicken nuggets and French fries in the oven. I was in the front room and I hear the following conversation between Ella and Sam:

Sam: We’re going to have chicken nuggets for dinner, tonight.

Ella: Old MacDonald’s?

(Ella will often sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm for no reason at all. So we weren’t exactly sure what she meant … until …..)

Sam: Chicken nuggets, baby.

Ella: Chicken nuggets.. Old MacDonalds!

Sam: You want chicken nuggets from Old MacDonald’s?

Ella: Yes! Old MacDonald’s nuggets ana (and a) French fries ana apple juice ana happy meal ana toy. Old MacDonald’s!

Sam: (Laughing) You want a Happy Meal, baby?

Ella: (Repeats everything that she just said)

I start to walk into the kitchen and Sam says, “Did you hear that?!”

I told her, “There is no doubt about what she wants for dinner tonight!”

Ella: (Repeats everything again)

Sam: I guess we’re going to McDonald’s.

Me: I guess so!

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