And away we go …..

Back in the days of My Space, I began to blog thoughts almost daily.  Some of those thoughts were about my work, some of them were about my life.  It was never meant to be more than short and trivial stuff.  However, as time went on, the blogs became more personal and I began to share things that evoked strong emotions.  I was able to download all of those old blogs and reread them.  I was amazed at some of the things that were included in them.  Stories about my children, the death of my mother, memories of family members and a whole lot more.  It is obvious to me now that writing those thoughts down was actually very therapeutic and good for relieving stress.   So I have decided that I will once again begin jotting down my thoughts.  So here I am.

This first entry is nothing more than a test.  I am new to “blogging” sites and am just writing to make sure I know how to use this.  What will follow on here will be a variety of personal thoughts, humorous stories, thoughts on music, television and movies, as well as serious thoughts regarding the changes in my life over the past decade.  Pretty boring stuff, right?  I’m sure you are looking forward to it – LOL.

So there it is.  Blog #1.  I promise something a little more substantial in the blogs to come.



4 thoughts on “And away we go …..

  1. So I just read your 300th blog and figured I would check out your first — so here I am.

    Oh, by the way
    … what happened to MySpace wasn’t funny.
    Still – (and I’m sorry to say this for all the people that use facebook every day; my wife included) facebook needs to go away.

    Way to go with your blogs – Keep It Up.

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