I’ll Skip This One …

June will mark 34 years since I graduated from high school. My class has never had an “official” reunion. I’m not really sure why that is. It doesn’t really matter. The only time our class had some sort of get together was a combined event with the class after us. They held it at a local bar and I remember it being very loud. It was great to see some of the faces from the past, but I felt like it was hard to catch up because you were screaming at each other.

I’ve DJ’s many high school reunions, and they are difficult to do. Not many people want to dance, because they are busy catching up with their old classmates. One reunion organizer told me to play 70’s songs (they graduated in 76) and to keep the volume down “so we can talk.” That really is what reunions are about – catching up with old friends.

This coming weekend, there is another Alumni Get Together being held. It will again be at a bar, and this one is open to pretty much anyone who went to our school. There was a Facebook invite sent out and the event is in my calendar. I can look at who is attending, but can only see those people who are my friends on Facebook.

Just yesterday, Facebook reminded me of the event again. I glanced over the friends who are going and believe me, I would love to get to hang out with them for the night. However, I decided early on that I am going to stay home. There will no doubt be many pictures taken and posted from the event and I will anxiously await seeing them.

A high school friend and I chatted on my way to work this week. She asked if I was planning on going this weekend. I told her I was not, and it isn’t because of where it is going to be or anything like that.

What it all boils down to is that there are too many possible people who could show up that I would rather not see. I have many former friends who have bought into the lies and stories that have been told about me and quite frankly, I don’t want to give anyone anything to talk about. Many former relatives went to my high school. They have their opinions of me and that’s fine. They have written enough “bad press” about me and continue to do so. Yeah, no thanks. I certainly don’t want to see any of those people, or the ones who took what they said as “truth.”

As I look back over the list of those going to the event, I know that I can message or call them at any time. Many, I do. Thanks to Facebook, I can keep in contact with them. I am sure there will be some friends not on Facebook who will be there, and I’ll miss reconnecting with them, but I keep hoping that one day my class will have an actual reunion.

9 thoughts on “I’ll Skip This One …

  1. That’s a shame you feel it best to miss the event. But yeah, Facebook DOES serve a purpose and you are probably in contact with all those you’d have gravitated to on the evening anyway. We just had an informal reunion back in November – the first time I’d met most there for over 45 years! (Including Paul, who co-hosts the Once Upon a Time in The ’70s blog!) 🙂

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    1. I am sad to miss it, but I had to think about the possibilities of running into those people. They are out of my life for a reason now and I don’t need their drama. It is sad that as life goes on, I have to mentally prepare for those events I HAVE to go to where I KNOW they will be there and that is stressful enough! I miss the traditional reunions, even though we’ve never had one. I wish they would do one … Sadly, when I was DJing, more and more schools stopped having them because of social media.


  2. Based on what you wrote, I think it’s a good choice for how you’re feeling about it. As you said, you can always get in touch with those who you’d like to connect with –

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  3. I never have gone to mine…the people I wanted to stay caught up with I did…I want to remember them from that May day in 1985…that is good enough for me.

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  4. My 1984 group have had reunions every five years…except #15, for some unknown reason. I went to the 5th, missed the 10th and wasn’t invited to the 20th. I was part of the planning group for the #25, then skipped the #30. I made it to the #35 (2019)…then the world went nuts. There was supposed to be a small gathering in March 2020 for the retirement of one of the classmates but, that disappeared. 2024 may be quite interesting. I’m shocked at how many of my classmates are already dead.

    So…the lies told about you were about your previous marriage, I assume?

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