95 and Still Going Strong!

Happy 95th Birthday to a living legend, Tony Bennett! So many people dream about reaching retirement age, but he was still performing regularly until his recent diagnosis of dementia. He has released a whopping 60 albums, 11 live albums, and 33 compilation albums in his career.

He first hit the charts in 1951 with a number 1 song, Because of You and last hit the charts in 2011 with the song Body and Soul. Today, in honor of his 95th birthday, Lady Gaga released “I Get a Kick Out of You,” which you can hear by clicking below:

The song is from their latest studio collaborations “Love For Sale” which is set to hit stores October 1st. Love for Sale, per a release, will be Bennett’s last studio recording.

In a piece in AARP the Magazine, Bennett’s family noted that music has been a key part of the singer’s health regimen: His regular performances up until the pandemic seemed to keep him sharp, while during Covid-19 lockdown he regularly rehearsed at home with his longtime pianist Lee Musiker.

Tony and Lady Gaga are set to perform at Radio City Music Hall tonight and on August 5th.

In high school, I took a Senior Elective class called Life In America. In the unit on pop music, the teacher explained that the song “The Shadow of Your Smile” was one of the most difficult to sing. He also used Tony’s version as the best. If you have never heard it, you have to give it a listen. He does a fantastic job.

Happy Birthday, Tony! I hope to be as active and healthy as you at 95!

20 thoughts on “95 and Still Going Strong!

    1. I’m guessing the wide range of notes in the melody. High to low – low to high. I wish I had my notes from the class. I always remember what he said about the song when I hear it, and that he thought Tony’s version was the best.

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      1. She never did. She just hated his voice! She was a HUGE Dean Martin fan and thought he sang better than Sinatra, too. I’m sure I blogged about this, but one time I bought her a Tony Bennett vinyl album for her birthday. It got a good laugh. Whenever I went to her house, I’d find it and hide it somewhere different throughout the house. LOL


      1. It was to be Amy Winehouse’s final recording – Body And Soul was released as a single on what would have been her 28th birthday: 14 September 2011. “The fact that she died at 27 years old is just horrible to me,” Bennett later told Entertainment Weekly, when the track appeared on his album Duets II.

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