Story of America Cards

While surfing Facebook the other day one of the 80’s pages I follow posted this set of animal cards:

As soon as I saw them I remembered that I had a set similar to these that were all about history and historical events, people, and more. I looked up “history cards” and the real name of them came up – Story of America Cards. Each month you got a set of 24 cards and you added them to your file case (like the red one above).

I always loved reading about history and I asked my mom to order them for me when I saw the cheesy commercial on TV. It wasn’t long and they started showing up in the mailbox. The cards were color coded and each color was related to something – The Civil War, The Revolutionary War, Entertainment, etc…

I couldn’t wait for the new set to arrive each month! I loved reading them. I knew about Patton, The Atom Bomb, and Thomas Edison before we actually read about them in school because of these cards.

At one point, they stopped coming. I assume it was because my parents couldn’t afford them anymore or they just felt I wasn’t doing enough with them. While searching for them online, I discovered that they continued making them long into the 1990’s.

It looks like some of the sets are available to buy used on E-bay or Etsy. I may have to save up some money and check them out. In the meantime, sit back and check out the cheesy commercial that featured Dan Resin (who you may remember as Dr. Beeper from Caddyshack) as the spokesperson!

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