My Time Telling Mouse!

LONG before the Apple watch was popular …..

Long before digital watches were popular ….

…we learned how to read the face of a clock and tell time. In math class we were even tested on clock faces!!

Once I learned how to tell time, my folks bought me a watch. I remember that watch so well. It was HUGE on my little wrist. It had a thick black wrist band and the watch had a thick, curved piece of glass over the watch face. When I did a search on Google, my watch immediately popped up. It was a Mickey Mouse watch.

From everything I could find, this model first appeared in about 1971, so it would have been a few years old by the time I wore it on my wrist. I remember having to wind it every day or it would stop working. You really can’t tell from this picture, but the glass covering the watch face is very thick and weighed a lot (for a watch). I remember how heavy my wrist felt when I wore it.

I would often find myself staring at the watch and waiting for the minute “hand” to move. I loved that Mickey’s hands were the hands of the watch! I had never seen anything like this, and it really helped me to tell time.

As weird as it may sound, I remember the smell of the leather band it was on. I remember having to tighten the band to almost the last notch for it to stay on my wrist. For some reason, I thought mine had a second hand on it, but all of the ones I found did not. Some of the watches I found had a small circle on the bottom that counted the seconds, but those were mostly stopwatches.

Word is that these watches are worth money today. I wish as a child I would have taken better care of my stuff. I have no idea whatever became of the watch. It remains a fond memory. I wish I still had it….

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