Are you a “Grumbletonian?”

The English language is full of words that rarely get used today. I don’t know what made me think of this particular word this week. I don’t know if maybe I heard someone say it on the radio or TV, but the word makes me chuckle. The word is “cockamamie.” It means ridiculous. Example: Who came up with this cockamamie idea? When I came into work this week, as a joke, I told the other techs to find a way to use the word in a sentence during their conversations with patients. Believe it or not, I was actually able to!

My radio buddy, Johnny Molson, used to (and probably still does) get a “word of the day” in his e-mail. I know a few Facebook friends who post a “vocabulary” word to use in conversation during that day. I enjoy seeing those posts and find the words interesting. Recently, actor Eddie Deezen (of Grease fame) posted the word “Bruxism” – which I know because of my job in sleep medicine. That is the correct medical term for “teeth grinding.”

So for the fun of it, here are some words (and definitions) you should strive to use in every day conversation. Feel free to share some of your favorites in the comments!

  • Grumbletonians – People who are angry or unhappy with the government.
  • Fudgel – The act of giving the impression of working but actually doing nothing.
  • Snollygoster – A person who has intelligence but no principles, especially a politician. 
  • Ultracrepidarian – Somebody who gives opinions about topics they know nothing about. 
  • Kakistocracy – Government by the least qualified or worst people. 
  • Chuckaboo – A best friend or a really close friend.
  • Humbug – Deceptive or false talk or behavior.
  • Balderdash – Nonsense.
  • Curmudgeon – Ill-tempered (often old) person.
  • Willy-Nilly – Haphazardly.
  • Skedaddle – Flee. Leave.
  • Osculate – To kiss.
  • Rigmarole – Confused talk or complicated procedure.
  • Hullabaloo – Uproar.
  • Brouhaha – A state of commotion or excitement.
  • Doohickey – Gadget or attatchment.
  • Finagle – To trick.
  • Hornswoggle – To dupe or hoax.
  • Lackadaisical – Lacking energy or enthusiasm.
  • Spiffy – Stylish.
  • Gobbledygook – Nonsense. Indecipherable writing.
  • Kerfuffle – A disturbance.
  • Lollygag – To meander or to delay.
  • Fakakta – Screwed up.
  • Plethora – Large amount or in excess.
  • Kibitzer – Yiddish term for a spectator. Usually one who offers (often unwanted) advice or commentary.
  • Quagswag – To shake to and fro.
  • Callipygian – Having well-shaped buttocks.
  • Skinflint – A person who spends as little money as possible; a miser.
  • Guffaw – A loud and boisterous laugh.

I think I am done with this cockamamie post! Thanks for reading!

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