My Next Blog-a-Thon Entry … Coming Soon!

Since beginning my blog last year, I have found some very entertaining blogs that I follow.  Many of them are about movies or entertainment and earlier this year I participated in my first Blog-a-Thon.  A Blog-a-Thon is when someone picks a topic and bloggers who participate write blogs about that topic.  I wrote a blog entitled “Dean and Frank at the Movies” for a “Dynamic Duos in Classic Film” Blog-a-Thon which was a lot of fun and I am ready for my next one.

I will be participating in two Blog-a-Thon’s in the coming months.  The first one caught my attention because it is such a great idea.  How many times has someone been talking to you about a “must see” or “amazing” film that you have never seen?  Maybe it was a film that achieved critical acclaim and you just never got around to seeing it, or just didn’t see what was so special about it.  This is the premise of this Blog-a-Thon.

The Greatest Film I’ve Never Seen


For this event, I looked over the American Film Institute’s “100 Years – 100 Movies” list, which ranked the Top 100 movies of all time (the original list and not the 10th anniversary edition).  There are many films on this list that I have not seen, including the #1 movie!  I chose the #57 movie – The Third Man – which stars Orson Welles and Joseph Cotton.  I will be posting this blog soon.  To read other blogs tied to this event  – check out:

Made In 1938


This Blog-a-Thon appealed to me because a blogger can write about a movie, book, or other event that happened in 1938 or about someone born in 1938.  As someone who follows celebrity birthdays, I began to look and see what famous people were born in 1938.  Immediately, three people popped up that interested me.  The host of this event said that I could write on all three of them and I plan to do just that!  I will be writing about one of my favorite actors, one of my favorite comedian/impressionists, and one of my great radio influences.  This event is a couple months away, and I am excited to write on my subjects!

To participate or to see what topics are a part of this – click here:

I am excited for these events and hope that you will enjoy them.


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