Blogging Milestones

Can you believe that this is my 800th Blog Post?! I know I can’t! I can only hope that the blogs I have written are of interest to you in some way or another. Thank you for following!

800 Blogs. That is one of two milestones that the title eludes to. What is the second? Read on.

Towards the end of September I started to see some of the bloggers I follow mention “Blogtober.” It was a topic that spawned a lot of conversation. It also seemed to bring on a lot of anxiety.

From what I was able to piece together from the various posts, the premise is to write something every day for the entire month of October. Some people were hosting their own versions of Blogtober and had posted a list of what to write about each day. Others had themes. One blogger had a book related topic every day of the month, while another focused on Halloween topics.

The idea intrigued me and I looked at the various lists of topics and debated jumping on the bandwagon. I then noticed how many people mentioned that there was a lot of stress in having to post every day for the entire month. Others stated that they tried to do it last year and dropped out because it was just too much.

It was then that I realized that I had yet to EVER write a blog every day for a month. It’s never happened. I never had that much to write about. So I decided to see if it could be done. Would I truly have something to write about every day? I didn’t want to say anything about this personal challenge, just in case I did not do it. Life certainly provided me plenty to write about last month – both happy and sad.

I can’t promise that I will continue to write something every day, but I was glad to know that I actually did it! It can be done. It took a bit of planning, but I did it. That is good enough for me.

9 thoughts on “Blogging Milestones

  1. Well done you! I find it hard enough to READ all the blogs I’ve subscribed to. Once I’ve done that ( I do often have to skip loads of them) I’mm struggling to find time to blog, never mind my other little writing projects. 🙂

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