I Miss My Hammock!

Years ago, when I bought my first home, there was only one thing that I wanted for the back yard. We had a huge shade tree in the yard, and I wanted a hammock to relax in.

The hammock that I had, came with the rope hammock and a stand. It took a few tries for me to figure out how to get in and out of it without killing myself, but once I had it figured out, it was sheer heaven. I loved just laying in it. I found so much peace just relaxing in the back yard. Oh, how I loved to lay in the hammock with a good book! It’s probably my favorite place to read.

There are other types of hammocks, but I always found the rope ones to be more comfortable. I always found them to be cooler. Every summer I find myself longing for another hammock.

The truth is, with all I have going on in my life, I would probably struggle to find time to use it. There isn’t a whole lot of time available to relax. Ella keeps me busy on my days off, and when Sam and I are both off, that is the day we get everything done.

I still have the hammock stand in the garage. The rope hammock I bought years ago is still in a bag. It is too big for the stand I have. I tried to use it once and my butt hit the ground. Eventually, I will get one that fits and again enjoy those summer days in the shade. When I do, I will be sure to have a little table next to me for my iced tea, and my book….

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