Let me be “brief” …

Since I began writing this blog, I have stated that “change is good”, and I mean that. However, I will say that I am a …


As a “creature of habit” I tend to order the same things at restaurants, I like my coffee the same way every day, and I drive the same route to work each day. I am very habitual.

For example, I HATE shopping for shoes! Unless, of course, I find a pair that I like. Case in point: I found a pair of New Balance that were very comfortable. When they wore out, I went to the store and found the exact style and bought them again! When those wore out, I went and was told that the particular style I had been wearing for almost 2 years was no longer being made. The rest of that shopping trip was hell for my wife. She watched me as I tried on pair after pair and walked around the store. It was awful. I finally decided on a pair that was close to the ones I had worn previously. I found out that they were the model that replaced the ones I was wearing. No wonder I liked them!


Some might say I am OCD about certain things, and that may be true. I’m not sure why that is, but a friend who is into astrology told me it is because I am a Taurus.


This story may not exactly fit into the “safe and settled” category, but I share it because it is as silly as my shoe story and may give you another chuckle.


My wife loves to shop at Old Navy. She always seems to have “points” and discounts. In preparation for delivering the baby, she needed new slippers and a robe to take to the hospital – she ordered them online from Old Navy. My boys love graphic T-shirts. For Christmas she ordered them some online from Old Navy. Maternity tops, socks, jeans, hats, etc … she gets them all online from Old Navy. It is not uncommon for her to say something like “I just bought $150 worth of stuff from Old Navy, and with my points and discounts, I got it all for $39! She’s amazing when it comes to that stuff!!

So, she recently told me “You need new underwear.” She is not wrong. I do. I planned on going to the store and buying my usual Hanes Boxer Briefs. She asked if I wanted her to order me some from Old Navy. I told her “No. They are not Hanes. I like my Hanes. I’d rather you not waste money on something that I know I am not going to be comfortable in!” She basically said, “Ok,” and left me alone.

For Christmas, she bought some boxer briefs for the boys (cause they needed some). I was folding laundry and mentioned that they boys liked them. She said “You would too, if you’d let me buy you some.” I went off on my rant about not wanting anything but what I normally wear and thought she’d let it go. She basically talked me into letting her order a pack, with the understanding that she would send them back if I didn’t like them.


Tuesday the boxer briefs arrived. I decided to humor my wife and grabbed a new pair to put on after I showered. To my surprise, I found them extremely soft and comfortable. Comfortable, as a matter of fact, does not seem to really even describe how much I liked them. After I showered Wednesday, I chose to put on another pair of these Old Navy boxer briefs and my wife commented “Two days in a row?! I guess you like them!” Feeling stupid for not allowing her to buy them earlier, and at the same time, not wanting her to “win” this battle entirely, I said, “The fly is a bit higher on these, I’ll have to get used to it….” and ended the conversation.

So what is the lesson learned here? Change is good – especially when you are changing your underwear!


8 thoughts on “Let me be “brief” …

  1. Funny story about the shoes.
    I’ve found myself in much the same predicament once. Wearing the shoes out, going and buying the same exact pair, later finding those shoes had been discontinued.
    I now buy two pair at a time.

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  2. I did the same on dress pants that I really liked. I looked up the maker and ordered 4 more just like them. I hate when you cannot find the same model or whatever.


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