Dream That Made Me Think

I laid down to nap before work today and had some very vivid dreams. One of them has had me thinking since I woke up. It has got to mean something ….


I guess to understand this dream, you need to know that every day I bring my bible to work. I try to get a few minutes with it each night. My lunch I tend to pack in plastic shopping bags, so I can just toss it in the fridge at work.

The Dream

I really don’t know where I am in the dream. It is almost like I am at a school or something. But then again, I have what I normally bring to work with me.

From what I remember I am climbing up these flights of stairs. I get to a floor, open the door and set my bags down for some reason. Then I hear a commotion in the stair well and people walking down the stairs. I am unsure why I follow them down.

At this point, I remember that I have set my stuff down on one of the higher floors. As I begin to climb the stairs, it becomes extremely hard to climb them. It physically hurts to try to climb each flight. I begin to feel like I am going to collapse because my knees hurt so bad. I start to think about what I left on the floor. I literally tell myself, “It’s just lunch. Just forget about it!”

I then remember that I left my bible in one of the bags. At that point I know that I have to go get it. I keep forcing myself up these stairs. I tell myself that it didn’t feel like this many flights the first time I walked up the stairs. Each step I take it seems harder and harder to walk up the stairs.

When I reach the floor, I walk through the door and my bags are gone. I begin to frantically look for them. I look for anybody who might be on the floor and can’t seem to find anyone. I finally see a light coming from a door and open it to find a woman I’ve never seen before. I explain that I left some bags on the floor just in front of the stairwell door.

She tells me that someone found them and brought them to her. I asked if she found my bible and she said she had. For some reason, even though it was my bible, there were all kinds of book marks and papers in it. I was just glad to have it back. She told me that it looked like “I read it a lot,” and I replied that I could still find more time to read it and study it.

At that point, I woke up.

What Does It Mean?

In the dream there was a huge sense of relief as I was handed the bible. So as I thought about it, I guess I am aware of an upward struggle. Does this represent something I am currently going through? Something I will go through? I don’t know. What hit me, though, is the that sense of relief when I was given the bible. Is this symbolic in some way? I don’t think God is talking to me in my dreams. He speaks to me through his Word. It is interesting to think that the sense of struggle and panic disappeared when I find the Bible.

I’ve never been one who puts a lot of faith into “dream interpretations” that you find on the internet, but did a search on “Dreams about stairs” just to see what they said. There are many sites, so I just looked at one. It said: “Dreams about climbing stairs are generally considered a good sign. This dream implies success and progress. It means you will successfully overcome all obstacles and get out troubles, if there are any. If you have difficulty climbing them, it means you are about to face situations that will drain your energy, but still you will be capable of conquering them.”

I’m not sure what to make of it all, but if there is difficulty ahead, I know that I’ll just trust that God will get me through it ….

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