No Work … No Power

Tonight I am supposed to be at work. Instead, I am at home writing from the comfort of my bed. Sam is asleep next to me, well, sort of. Andrew is actually in between us because he woke up crying a bit ago. Ella is asleep in her room and I am listening to the sounds of their sound machine.

Sam worked last night and her mom came over this morning and took the kids to her house for a bit so that we could sleep. I woke up and went to pick them up around 1 and let Sam sleep a bit longer.

When I got home it was about 2 and I helped Sam with a few things before trying to lay back down to nap before work. I think I slept in short naps. At one point, I even dreamt.

Sam came in and woke me about 4:15 saying she was going to pick up pizza. When she left, I looked at my phone and saw a text thread from my boss. I guess the sleep lab had no power last night and was without power again tonight, so they had to cancel patients and call us off.

I could focus on the negative about losing hours and money on my paycheck, but instead, I will focus on the fact that I got extra family time – a rare thing with our schedules. It was so nice to all be together.

We all ate pizza together. We had conversations together. We played outside and worked outside together. It really was nice. Sam gave Andrew his bath, and I gave Ella hers. The kids didn’t really get good naps today, so we had early bedtimes.

Sam put Andrew to sleep first. While she did that, Ella grabbed books off the shelf and I sat on the couch with her and read them with her. We then went and brushed our teeth together and got ready for bed. After prayers were said, she snuggled with her Nana blanket and was soon off to sleep.

Because I did some yard work, I hopped in the shower before bed. As I was drying off, I heard Andrew crying, so I knew he’d be in our bed. I also knew just how tired Sam was and knew she’d be asleep pretty quick.

So here I am. A simple blog about some simple things often taken for granted: Bath time, book time, family time and more. It is my hope that one day I can get off the midnight roller coaster and have a job that allows for more of this. I miss it so much.

Perhaps one day soon….

5 thoughts on “No Work … No Power

    1. That is oh so true! It really is the little things.

      Currently, I am listening to the coffee pot brew its first pot of the day. Not sure why I am up before everyone, especially since I was the last to bed last night. But, alas, here I am waiting on the coffee. I sat on the couch and our cat jumped up next to me purring away as I pet her.

      Life is good.

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