Friday Photo Flashback

It’s time for another Friday Photo Flashback. 42 years ago this week, the movie Somewhere in Time was released. I blogged about it here:

The film was shot on Mackinac Island and the Grand Hotel played a big part in the movie. For this week’s Friday Photo Flashback, here are a few photos from a trip to Fort Mackinac on Mackinac Island.

I love that the date is stamped on this photo – July 1981. Here is my brother and I, locked in the stocks with my mother standing behind us with a huge smile! It is one of my favorite pictures of my mom.

The stocks were obviously a big part of this fort, as my brother and I were locked in yet another set of them.

What is up with my socks in that picture!?!? And I am not sure where my glasses went.

Because Fort Mackinac is on Mackinac Island, we had to take a boat over. There is only one photo from the boat trip that I have and it was taken by my mom.

We must have went to the island two days in a row, as my brother and I are dressed in different clothes. I love the fact that my dad is looking very “Burt Reynolds/Bandit” in this picture!

The last time I was anywhere near Mackinaw was over 20 years ago. The day I was there, it was extremely windy and rainy and they were not running the boat to the island. The last time I was at the fort was 40 years ago.

My wife and I are hoping to get up there very soon. It’s been too long.

5 thoughts on “Friday Photo Flashback

  1. Lovely flashback. I think because we’re the same age, your childhood pics have the same hue, the same fashion sense and that always makes me smile. Have to admit, though, your dad… really could have had a job as Burt Reynolds lookalike!!! Impressive.

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    1. Those socks I have in the one picture are awful. I’m surprised I’m not wearing those tube socks with the colored stripes on them.

      He really does. Been a long time since I saw that pic of my dad, but boy, he does look like Burt. Maybe it’s the hat?!

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  2. Awesome Keith! I had a picture of me in Gainsville Florida…in some fort doing the same thing…my mom probably wish I could have stayed in there lol.

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