Fruity Hack That Works

Remember those ads they used to show on TV for the Book of Home Remedies? It was a book full of “hacks” to fix things, cure things, etc…. My folks had it.

Today, of course, we don’t need that book. We can pretty much find answers to questions, recipes, and remedies all over the Internet. That’s exactly where my wife found what I am about to share.

I am sure that your grocery bill has gone up as much as mine. So when things go bad quickly, it makes me angry. Case in point: fruit!

My kids love blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. The issue is that two to three days after buying them, they would start to go bad. It was so annoying.

Whether she found it on Pinterest or TikTok, I don’t know, but the last batch of berries we bought was two weeks ago and they are still good! This is nothing short of a miracle.

The “hack?” Mason Jars! Yep. My wife put a folded piece of paper towel in the bottom of the jar, placed the fruit in it and sealed it up. They have been in the fridge and still look and taste fresh!

Feel free to try it!

2 thoughts on “Fruity Hack That Works

  1. I might give that a try, thanks. I love strawberries but seldom buy them here for that reason. Prices, yeah… eggs here are hitting $5 a dozen for large in some stores. As it happens I’m allergic so I don’t consume them but they are a staple with other people in our house.


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