It’s time to be counted

Yesterday, we received our invitation to respond to the 2020 Census in the mail.  The US Constitution requires a count of the population of the United States and every ten years since 1790 it has done that with the Census.


This year, you can do it all online, which I did earlier today.  It doesn’t take long at all.  If you can’t do it online, the US Census Bureau can send you a paper questionnaire you can fill out and send back.  Keep in mind that it is required by law that you take part in the Census.  If you don’t do it online or by mail, they will send someone to your home to collect answers in person.

Whenever I think of the census, I think of the Three Stooges short “No Census, No Feeling” from 1940.  Like many comedy shorts, they were often topical and 1940 was a Census year and the Stooges wind up getting jobs as Census takers.  One of my favorite lines of all Stoogedom comes from this short.  Moe, explains he is a taking the census and asks a man “Are you married, or happy?”

You can see the short, here:

Stand up and be counted this year!


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