Can you help Santa?

Two years ago, I decided it was time to write a letter to Santa. I had some things that I felt I needed to get off my chest, and some requests to make of the jolly old elf. You can read that blog here:

I would NOT want to be Santa Claus this year!! 2020 has not been a pleasant year for so many people. Just for a minute, think about what might be in those letters from children. Sure there will be the normal batch of letters with wish lists and requests. However, this year, those letters took a much more serious tone.

I read an article this week in USA Today that talked about the United States Postal Services “Operation Santa.” The program, which has been running in some form for over 107 years, accepts letters from kids in need and matches them up with donors to make their holiday wishes come true. In the article, my heart ached to read some of the excerpts from children (and adults). A lot of these letters focused on the hardships these families are facing during the pandemic.

“Dear Santa” a boy in California wrote, “I would do enything if you could some-haw restart 5th grade with NO COVid. so plees if you the amasing Santa could restart it I wood be happy”

A sixth grade girl from main wrote: “I have not had a good year,” she wrote to Mr. and Mrs. Claus. “My grandpa died and I could not see him because of covid. I miss him and his big hugs.” She then listed gift requests for her family and asked Santa for a puppy for her grandma “so she is not so lonely.”

A 13 year old boy who confesses to not believing in Santa wrote him anyway. “I am asking you to help my mom for X-mas,” he said. “Having us all home and not working do to covid we could use some help.”

A California mother of three, whose husband has been in and out of the hospital with heart issues even took time to write to Santa. She said, “This year has been really rough for us,” she wrote. “We have been struggling financially because of all the hospital bills & they just keep piling up. We would appreciate clothes & shoes. Those are essential.”

A 5 year old girl from Texas was worried about Santa’s health. “I hope you don’t get sick,” she wrote, “Matzy will give you cookies and milk and mommy Andrea will make a mask for you and rain deer.”

Almost all of the children asked Santa to help keep their family, friends, and loved ones healthy.

The article mentioned that if families could still take part: Those who still want to send a wish list as part of Operation Santa should address their letter to 123 Elf Road, North Pole, 88888 and include a return address and a stamp. Letters received before Dec. 15 will be uploaded online and then made available for adoption.

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