Too Many Streams

Money hungry. That’s what they are. Money hungry.

I remember a time when we had Netflix and Hulu and that gave us pretty much every thing we needed to watch movies and TV shows. That’s not the case today. So many “parent companies” are pulling stuff off Netflix to add to their own streaming platform and quite frankly, it ticks me off.

All the NBC shows are now on Peacock, all Star Wars, Pixar and Disney is on Disney +, and so on and so forth. We’ll guess what? I’m not paying for all of them! We’re barely getting by with all of the inflation, gas prices, and life in general! I cannot afford $20 a month here and $15 a month there. The cable bill alone is high enough! To add more streaming services would put us in one big financial hole!

What really angers me is that there are things that I would LOVE to watch, but can’t because there is no way to justify paying for another streaming service. Paramount + has The Offer, a series about the making of the Godfather. I would love to see it. HBO Max has the new Christmas Story movie, which I hear is great! My list goes on and on. I just cannot in good conscience pay for something that I will only use to watch one or two shows.

The TV shows I would binge watch, well, many of them I have on DVD. I can pop them in whenever I want to. It seems to be more worth buying them outright at $40 and watching them for years that to pay $20 a month and maybe not even get the chance to watch them. And when you have them on DVD, you get the bonus features that don’t show up on streaming.

Actor Jack Palance once said, “The only two things you can really depend upon are gravity and greed.” The fact that there are almost as many streaming services as there are cable channels makes me sick. I’m sorry greedy streaming company – you aren’t getting my money every month.

I suppose I will hope that the one or two things I want to watch on their platform will end up on DVD soon …

Rant over.

3 thoughts on “Too Many Streams

  1. Absolutely. I kinda miss the days of cable, even though it was expensive and often made you’bundle’ channels you didn’t want along with the few specialty ones you did. We got rid of cable maybe 7 years ago, got an over-the-air antenna (works pretty well for the big networks, which we don’t watch all that much anyway, and its subsidiaries like MeTv and Spanish channels) but now have Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Prime (which apparently comes with the AMazon Prime account, which my sweetie uses quite a bit) and Discovery but we still miss out on things sent to Apple or Paramount or Peacock Premium (they have a free version but most of the banner shows aren’t on it) and it adds up to as much or more than cable did. Discovery’s the cheapest, but I might drop it even though I like HGTV and my sweetie the Food Network, but we don’t spend a lot of time watching it.

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  2. I have my movie/show stock pile and I rarely watch regular television….BUT….I so agree with you. Greed kills everything and the prices are crazy.

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