I’ll Be Safe From Vampires

I shamefully admit that I don’t offer much to my wife when she needs a grocery list. I tend to offer up the same things I always do.

We are very different. I can eat a rotation of the same 7 meals every week if I had to, so I very rarely explore other avenues. On the rare occasion I am in the store shopping, I may see something that I want to try.

Sam, on the other hand, gets sick of eating the same meals all the time. Tonight is a good example. She reached out to her mom and asked for meal ideas. Tonight, for the first time in our marriage, we are having beef tips and noodles. I can’t wait!

At any rate, the reason for the blog today is to share a couple items that Sam bought this week that are absolutely delicious!! You can bet that they will be staples on our list from now on.

We’re always looking for something to snack on. Sam saw something on Pinterest or TikTok where someone took some Naan Bread pieces and made little pizzas.

She loves hummus. I don’t. But I LOVE garlic. So she found this garlic dip. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but when I scooped some onto one of the pieces of bread it was truly amazing!

I swear, Sam and I could have eaten the whole tub of this stuff! Wow. It reminds me of the garlic stuff you get when you order Middle Eastern food. In the past, we’ve had chicken kabobs and the garlic stuff that came with it was very similar.

If you love garlic – I highly recommend!!

9 thoughts on “I’ll Be Safe From Vampires

  1. I’m more like you – I can eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day and would be happy with the same four or five dinners about 95% of the time. Partly because I have allergies and need to be careful but partly because, basically if I like a food, I can eat it frequently and not get bored. We tend to veer towards a pretty small rotation of dinners here most of the time, some I like a lot, others only so-so (obvioulsy, need to compromise in a family) but I don’t think any of us here crave a lot of variety in the diet.

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  2. I can also eat the same thing over and over… my guilty pleasure dip is French Onion Dip by Purity…it’s great. That and a bad of ruffles…not good for me but once every few months I’ll get it


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