A Holiday I Like a Latte!

It’s a Brew-tiful day for a cup of Joe! It is National Coffee Day (Not to be confused with International Coffee Day which comes up on October 1)! Pour yourself a cup of Go Juice, Go Go Juice, Bean Juice, Brain Juice or Jitter Juice and guzzle that Java!

In celebration, many places have some National Coffee Day deals for you. Here are just a few, courtesy of USA Today:

Krispy Kreme


Tim Hortons

  • $.25 medium hot or iced coffee all day long when you order through the Tim’s app or website.
  • In addition, Oct. 1 is International Coffee Day and Tim Hortons is offering a $1 medium hot or iced coffee during the entire month of October when you order on the Tims app or website.


  • Free medium-sized coffee on Sept. 29. Customers must sign up for the Dunkin’ rewards program to claim it.

Caribou Coffee

  • $3 medium brews for Caribou Perks members on National Coffee Day. Plus, if you’re a new Caribou Perks member, you’ll get a free drink after your first visit when you sign up.

What about Starbucks and McDonalds?

Starbucks will not have a National Coffee Day offer this year. Neither will McDonalds, a spokesperson told USA TODAY on Wednesday.

Here are a few others:

Barnes and Noble

B&N Cafes are celebrating National Coffee Day with a free tall hot or iced coffee with the purchase of a bakery item of your choice.

Bean Box

Use promo code FREECOFFEE  on the Bean Box website through Oct. 1 and get a free 12-ounce bag of coffee.

Biggby Coffee

Valid on Sept. 29 only, participating Biggby Coffee locations are offering free 20-ounce hot or iced brewed coffee for National Coffee Day.

Bonus Comedy Clip

In honor of National Coffee Day – Here is the great Chris Farley

Perk up a pot today and enjoy – leaded OR unleaded.

6 thoughts on “A Holiday I Like a Latte!

  1. To me every day is coffee day! Funny how there are 2 different versions of the day for it though. Tim Horton’s is a national institution in Canada but I didn’t think they were the best chain up there ( I liked Country Style a bit more, or Second Cup if I was feeling rich and glamorous) but I went in more days than not if I was working. Now in Texas, I quite miss having them around. I saw Caribou on the list – there was one in Atlanta that my ex and I went to regularly, they were really good and a nice sitting and reading environment.

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    1. I have never been a fan of Starbucks. The only things I get there are seasonal lattes, and that is usually only once or twice a year.

      Tim Horton’s coffee is a staple in my house. I can grab a big bag at Sam’s Club and it gets us through a good chunk of time. I am a fan of certain flavored coffee, but that can get expensive to buy at $10-12 for 12 oz. Not sure why you can’t buy it by the pound anymore!

      Caribou is nice. Have been there a few times. Biggby is a Michigan thing, and it is good too. I like Panera’s hazelnut coffee – good flavor.

      With Weight Watchers I have to cut a coffee or two out of my day now to make sure I get all the water I should be drinking.

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      1. one of the supermarkets here does sell bagged Tim Horton’s coffee, I buy it once in awhile but it does cost more than the typical ones (but less than Starbucks etc. – I agree, not a big fan of Starbucks, I like just regular coffee and not fancy mocha-latte-cinno things and their ordinary coffee is quite… ordinary) but mostly buy store brands, I find the Walmart Donut Shop is quite nice. I used to go for darker, stronger blends but have gotten to drinking slightly milder blends recently.

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