I See His Point – And Agree

Stop with the remakes! I’ve said it time and time again. I stumbled on this video clip today and was glad to hear someone who feels the way I do.

His name is Chris Gore and he, like me, despises these Disney live action remakes!

Give it a watch and let me know your thoughts .

9 thoughts on “I See His Point – And Agree

  1. Pretty much totally agree with him. I did think ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was reasonably good, but lacked a bit of the charm of the original, ‘Aladdin’ was quite atrocious , and can’t think of another good live-action remake. He’s quite right about the pointlessness of them, and how things that are OK in animation wouldn’t translate well into real life characters (thank God they haven’t tried with the Simpsons!). Plus, every reboot it seems, as he also suggests, has to rewrite it to include gay characters and minority heroes, no matter where or when it was set. Nothing wrong with either category but it’s cloying if it is clearly only put in to show how PC they are and has nothing in common with the original. Mostly though I just dislike the basic concept which is that Hollywood has clearly run out of ideas or courage– they refuse to try anything really new and rely more and more on remakes and endless sequels.

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    1. I cannot bring myself to watch any of them. I agree with you and have said for years that they have run out of ideas. Every time I read a really good book, I think “This would make a great movie!” Then again, when they do make something in to a movie (usually) they make changes to it and i am often left disappointed.


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