National Poetry Month

Some of the bloggers I follow write poems. I really enjoy reading their offerings. Sometimes I find myself reading them and think, “Wow! That’s deep!” Other times I read them and scratch my head.

When I signed up to finish a bachelor’s degree, I took a creative writing and poetry class. Life stepped in and I never was able to finish. I’m sure I would have learned a lot and maybe would actually be a good poet.

When I tend to write poems, they often have to rhyme. I’m not sure why. It’s just always the way I wrote them, even as a kid. No matter what the topic, there always seemed to be a rhyme. Even the songs that I wrote for my mom and my grandpa started out as more of a poem than a song. Those songs never made it to a recording studio, but oh well.

Today, I was catching up with some friends posts, and I grabbed a piece of paper and jotted down the first things that came to mind. This was heavily influenced by the fact that I had literally just heard “In My Life” by the Beatles before I began to write.

Here is my mediocre offering for National Poetry Month:

Live For The Love

My life has had its ups and downs.

It has been full of smiles and frowns.

Some days are good, while some are bad,

I’m here today and I am glad.

I didn’t always feel this way

I got lost in the day to day.

I drowned myself inside a beer

And thought it best I wasn’t here.

At disappointing I was so good

I’d try to win, but never could.

I was never right, but always wrong

I was sadder than a country song.

I had reached the lowest low.

Would anyone miss me?  I said “No.”

It was a miserable place to be.

It took some time to really see.

Life is filled with joy and pain,

There’s a mix of sun and rain.

It is true what has been said,

We never know what lies ahead.

If I had left, and gone away,

I would have missed so much today.

My little girl, my boys, my wife.

They bring me happiness in my life.

With all of them and God above,

My life is filled with abounding love.

I’m not perfect, but it’s ok

That love will get me through each day.

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