Physically Unfit

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I had my annual physical this week. “I’m gonna put on my mad face …” is what the doc said to me when she came into the room. It broke the tension.

I knew it wasn’t gonna be a good visit. My bloodwork results hit my electronic chart before the visit, so I knew what to expect. My cholesterol is not where it needs to be. To be honest, I don’t know if the “good” or “bad” cholesterol level is high or low. I just know it wasn’t where it needed to be.

My weight has been a discussion for some time now. Last time I was in, she suggested doing some sort of intermittent fasting. This might work for people who keep the same schedule all the time, but it is next to impossible to do it when you work midnights. For four days, I am on nights, then on my days off I switch back to a day schedule to be “normal.”

Lately, with all that is going on we’ve been making quick and fast meals. We were relying on Hamburger Helper and stuff like that, which you know is not healthy. If we forgot to pull something out for dinner, we would naturally just go grab something. Usually it was pizza or burgers.

My doc wants me to get back on Weight Watchers. I can do that. I know there are plenty of people who have had great success with other programs, but these are usually very expensive, and money is kind of tight right now. So I will do what I can to get back on the wagon.

That means finding healthier choices, more protein, less carbs, and smart snacking. I did it before and I can do it again. It’s just more difficult at age 51. Ideally, I’d love to lose about 100 pounds….

My A1C levels this time around were right on the cusp of prediabetes. This is something I need to get under control. All the more reason to start eating better.

Once I get my weight down, I am sure it will help with my blood pressure. It was pretty high this visit. Granted, I knew it wasn’t going to be a good visit, so I was probably stressing a bit about it.

My doc has me taking my blood pressure twice a day and I am going to follow up with her in two weeks to see if any meds need to be changed. I have a blood pressure cuff at home, but my upper arm is too big for it, so I have to take it on my forearm. Those readings have been a bit high. At work, however, we have an extra large cuff and when I take it there, it is a little more normal. So I am not sure what to think.

I will keep tracking it and hopefully, I can get it back under control.

In essence, the results of my physical have basically helped me write my goals for the new year! Wish me luck – and help keep me accountable!

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