Thank you anti-lock brakes ….


Winter.  Love it or hate it, it happens every year.  For some, they experience it without snow, however, here in Michigan, snowy winters are a sure thing.  Let me say that I do not mind a little bit of snow, especially around the holidays.  I’ve always wondered what it must be like to live in California or somewhere warm and hear “walking in a winter wonderland” or “let it snow”.  It can’t feel right.

Personally, I enjoy watching the snow fall.  I think looking at a winter scene is beautiful.  Snow covered ground and snow on bare tree branches brings a smile to my face.  Just like painter Bob Ross, God paints these beautiful scenes for us.  There is something calming and peaceful about it.  Driving when it is snowing is an entirely different thing.

Today is a good example of that.  It has been snowing since early morning and the roads are a mess.  On my way to get my boys, I was driving south on I-75.  Naturally, people are driving faster than me, and passing me (They obviously thing that their four wheel drive will allow them to conquer anything).  It happens suddenly – brake lights, swerving cars, the sounds of cars hitting the wall, cars veering off to my right, and my anti-lock brakes clicking.  Amidst all of that, I haven’t been hit and I haven’t hit anything.  As I finally stop, my hands were hurting from gripping the steering wheel so hard.  I remember in the years before anti-lock brakes, you would hit your brakes, and the car would just begin to fishtail and swerve all over the place. Today, thankfully, I coast to a stop…..and so did the car directly behind me. Needless to say, I was not going to venture any further, I followed many others who decided to exit the freeway via the on ramp.

Upon arriving home, I scroll Facebook and see many of my friends warning friends to stay home.  The pictures of piles ups and accidents are as common as pictures of children on the first day of school in my news feed.  Reports of complete expressway closures and declarations of snow emergencies are also things among the feed.

As much as I wanted to see my sons today, I love them too much to attempt to drive with or without them in this weather.  Instead, I called them, told them I loved them, and that we’ll get together tomorrow – after the snow stops and the roads are clear.  Today just seems like a good day to watch the snow fall, curl up in front of the fireplace, and read a good book with a cup of coffee.

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