“Start Saving”

Sam made dentist appointments for both kids this week. When she called, she asked about what age they will start seeing babies. To her (and my) surprise, they will see them as soon as they start getting teeth.

Ella had her appointment a couple days ago. Sam took her and she was fairly well behaved. Naturally, there were some times when she fussed a bit. I guess she wouldn’t let them count her teeth, but they were able to get fluoride on them.

Andrew had his appointment today. He’s only got 8 teeth, so his appointment went fairly quickly. But the doc had some news for us …

I may or may not have blogged about Andrew’s tongue and lip ties in the past. He was struggling with taking bottles and they clipped them in the office to help. At any rate, his lip tie grew back – right between the two front teeth. Because of this, he will probably need braces in the near future.

Sam was dumbfounded. She literally brought him in to have them clean and put fluoride on his teeth and they are already talking about braces!!?? Yep.

They basically looked at Sam and told her, “At least you have lots of time to start saving for braces!”

Gee, thanks!

Below View of Male and Female Dentists Wearing Face Masks

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