Remember Fast 111’s?

It’s amazing how two people can remember different things about the same event. My brother and I chatted on the phone tonight. Today marks the 39th anniversary of the passing of our grandfather. In talking about this, my brother and I both (1) remembered that we had been at my grandma’s house the night before (he was away on a business trip) (2) remembered going to a local mall and (3) talking to him on the phone before we went home. My brother remembered a small detail that I had totally forgotten about.

He reminded me that while we were at the mall, we stopped at a toy store and bought Fast 111’s cars. They were made by Kenner and were like Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars. The difference was that they each had a specific license plate that was unique to the car. There were some crazy car designs and I remember having quite a few of them. In preparing to write this blog, I did a quick Google search on Fast 111’s and was thrilled to see pictures of a few of the ones we had.

The one that I remember having was called the Saturn Seeker.

It came in the maroon color above, but also in white. This was the only picture I could find of the license plate:

The above car is obviously beat up a bit… LOL!

On the back of the packaging, you got an owner certificate where you could put your car’s license plat and everything.

As I recall, the Fast 111’s were bigger than your standard Matchbox or Hot Wheels, so they would’t fit in those carrying cases. No problem, though, as Fast 111’s had one made specifically for their cars.

I don’t recall if we ever had the models, but apparently they had them, too!

I’m glad that my brother brought this up tonight, as I had totally forgotten about these! We certainly spent many hours playing with our cars inside and outside. I wish I still had them.

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