Flatpack Wisdom

One blog that I follow belongs to a friend in Scotland. She’s a poet named Britta. She has fascinating backstory and through her blog I have come to know a bit about her.

You can read her blog here:

In a recent blog, she mentioned that her son had purchased a desk/chair set from IKEA. She described the various bumps and noises that she heard from her son’s bedroom as he put it together.

We bought something for Ella from there and I recalled the challenge of trying to put it together while looking at the “directions” or lack thereof! It was certainly a challenge.

There is an episode of Bluey called Flat pack that comes to mind. The dad andom have purchased a porch swing and they are trying to put it together while following the “instructions.”

Anyway, I say all of that to get to the nugget of wisdom that came about while commenting back and forth with Britta. I mentioned that there are plenty of jokes about IKEA’s lack of real instructions and stated that it is kind of like life. “

“Life is kind of like an IKEA flat pack. It doesn’t come with any real instructions,” I told her. She agreed and reworded my sentiment. “Life. The flat pack without instructions!”

We’re all just trying to get through without no real directions, so grab your Allen wrench and tackle life day by day!

8 thoughts on “Flatpack Wisdom

  1. I so get every word of this, and love ikea, but cannot build it for the life of me. there is a business called ‘build my ikea’ who are the perfect people to help. thanks for the link to your blogging friend, I took a look and am going to follow her )

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  2. good point! I love Ikea, like a lot of their products and think they have a perfect business model – they make pretty good-looking functional stuff, price it fairly well and let us assemble it (except for the dishmats and things). Easy enough for most of us to assemble in an hour or so, but it gives people a sense of accomplishment – I built that! they wouldn’t get it buying it straight off the shelf . And by only having 400 stores worldwide, and that cheap restaurant in it, a trip to Ikea becomes a day out, unlike the three times a week to Walmart.

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  3. Ha! Thanks for the shoutout. And yes, your mantra: ‘Grab your Allen wrench and tackle life day by day’ should be available as fridge magnet. A gentle reminder, that we’re all just trying to figure out why we’re here and what we’re supposed to do. Love it!

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