We’re Still Waiting …

I really thought that our baby was going to arrive this weekend. Nope.

Sam worked Sunday night. I had the phone volume turned up, because I just knew that she was going to call to tell me she was in labor. Nope.

Sam was sent home from work on Monday night because some patients no showed. I thought for sure Sam would go into labor because we were home. Nope.

To be fair, the baby’s due date is the 13th or 14th (depending on who you ask), so we are still early. Sam said that she felt like the baby had “dropped” and is low, so I’m thinking it can happen at any time. While at work, I have my phone on me at all times, just in case the call comes.

Sam goes to the OB on Thursday, and to be honest, we’re both hoping that he sends us to the hospital to have the baby. If it doesn’t happen on Thursday, an induction has been scheduled and our baby boy will be here by the first part of the week.

For now, I pray that she doesn’t go into labor while I am at work. I want to be there from the moment she begins labor! Fingers crossed.

I’ll keep you posted…..

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