Frosty Fun

We’ve had a few snow flurries in the area over the past few weeks, but nothing that actually stuck to the ground. I snapped the above picture along I-75 on my way home from work yesterday morning. I absolutely love when the snow coats the branches of the trees. It is just so beautiful.

When Ella woke up this morning, she looked out her window and saw the snow on the ground and immediately wanted to go outside and play! She loves to be outside! However, she had to wait a bit because Andrew had an appointment. I got the kids breakfast and packed up the diaper bag so that when Sam finished getting ready, they could get right out and on the road.

I was asleep when they got home, but before naptime the kids did get to go outside.

You wouldn’t know that Ella didn’t want to put her snow pants on by looking at this picture! She would have been more than happy to just go out with no coat on.

Andrew was still newborn last year, so he really didn’t get to go outside to play in the snow at all. This year, it’s a whole new experience for him. The snow made us aware that we need to get him some boots! He was fine running around in his shoes. Look at that smile!

I can only imagine how much fun we are going to have in the snow when there is more on the ground! You can see his hat didn’t last long.

I foresee lots of snow angels in the months ahead! I need to stop and get a new sled for us. I used to love when my dad would pull us around on the sled. There is a small hill close to our house that I want to take them to this year.

I suppose I’ll need to stock up on hot chocolate to warm up with after our Frosty Fun Play Days!

6 thoughts on “Frosty Fun

  1. they sure do seem to be loving it! I always liked getting photos of those scenes , the snow-covered trees, but didn’t like being out in it! Doubly true of freezing rain – can get some impressive shots before it melts but you’re taking your chances going out to try.

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  2. Cute pictures man… I’m jealous! I wish we would have some snow this early in the year…I would like working from home. An inch shuts Nashville down

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