Poetic Thoughts

I’m not a poet, but today my thoughts became poetic ….

What’s Important?

The anticipation started late in the fall,

I wrote out my list and wanted it all.

“Dear Mr. Santa here’s what you should bring,

Toys, electronics and money – Ka-ching!”

Santa holding a stocking filled with money

The same thing happened year after year,

I thought that’s what was meant by “holiday cheer.”

But as I have aged, I’ve learned that’s just not true.

It’s the memories made that are important to you.

It’s the look of amazement at new fallen snow,

And the smile of a child whose face is aglow. 

It’s the laughter that’s shared as stories are told,

Yuletide accounts by the young and the old.

It’s the holiday songs being sung by a choir

Or the crackling sounds of wood on the fire.

It’s the hugs from your family that hold you so dear,

And remembering loved ones who are no longer here.

It’s the smell of baked cookies and fresh pumpkin pie,

It’s never about the things that you buy.

It’s the time spent together with ones that you love,

Praying and thanking the Lord up above.

It’s not about sweaters or books on a shelf,

Instead, this year, give the gift of yourself.

Be present.  Be patient.  Be loving and kind.

Help those in need, if you are so inclined.

Focus on family and focus on friends

Rethink what’s important as the year draws to an end.

Taking our minds off material things

We’ll all feel the joy that the holiday brings.

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