A Palette of Stellar Color

Every Autumn God grabs His palette and paints such beautiful scenery! Here in Michigan, we have so many wonderful places to see the fall colors. My friend Stacey was just posting pictures of the world famous “Tunnel of Trees,” which is something I have yet to witness first hand.

My friend Jennifer recently moved to the Upper Peninsula and posted photos of Tahquamenon Falls, which is just beautiful in the fall. It has been over 20 years since I have been there, but when I was there, the fall colors were just spectacular.

Any trip to work I take now allows me to see some wonderful colors all along I-75, too. The colors are especially vibrant this year. There is more red and pink than I think I have ever seen.

What is great about Michigan is that I don’t have to go very far to enjoy the colors. There are plenty of beautiful colors right in our neighborhood. Here are just some from recent walks with my kids and just sitting in the yard.

The beginning of the reds coming in on the maple next to our house.
A little bit green, a little orange, and a little red
Golden beauty
The leaves on the maple tree were mostly yellow, with a twinge of red at the tips of the leaves
Pink and red on top and yellow toward the bottom
The variety of color behind these houses is just amazing
The bright reddish pinks this year are simply beautiful
Another wonderful bit of mixed colors
Yellow with pinks
My favorite tree in the neighborhood. It is always the brightest and sadly, always seems to be the first to lose its leaves. Very Pretty this year.
Such an amazing look to these red leaves
One of the coolest leaves in our back yard. It almost looks like someone drew on this with a yellow marker or paint.

I have walked a little slower the past few neighborhood walks, just so I can take in all the colors. I am in awe every Autumn as I stop and just stare up into the the colorful trees….

These pictures were taken with my cell phone, and they don’t really do them justice.

4 thoughts on “A Palette of Stellar Color

  1. very nice! I would have to say that those colors are one of the few things I do miss from Canada; here there are a few muted colors (usually in December if you can believe it) but nothing like the maples, beeches, oaks up there. Those falls are spectacular!

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