She’s Mad!

So this blog is basically a copy/paste from my wife’s Facebook page, but it is too funny NOT to share!

Ella watches Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and in one particular episode there is a song they sing about being mad. In the episode there is a full version of the song (link below) but most of the time, they just sing the 10 seconds of “Mad! Mad! Mad! It helps to say your mad.”

On to my wife’s post:

Ella’s favorite thing to say now is “Momma makes me mad.”

It started as just “Mad! Mommy!” or “Mad! Daddy!” and it has evolved into the full sentence. The funny thing is that prior to today, she would just spout off that she was mad, without really having something to connect it to. Today, however, this phrase was spoken after specific events… Sam’s post continues:

Reasons I have made her mad just today…

  • Changed her diaper
  • Wouldn’t let her stand on the table
  • Told her she had to color on paper (not on the table, walls, or furniture)
  • Wouldn’t put the baby in the swing (he was finishing his bottle)
  • And multiple reasons I have no clue, because she wouldn’t tell me what I did

I have a feeling this phrase is going to be around for a very long time!

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