Happy National Chili Day!

I LOVE chili! When I first moved to the Flint area from the Detroit area I remember going to a coney place and they asked if I wanted my coney dogs “Detroit or Flint” style. Who knew they were different? Not me. It’s not that I dislike Flint style, but to me it isn’t quite “chili” to me.

There is something about National Coney Island (or any of the Detroit “style” coney restaurants) and the chili that they serve there. I just love it. As a matter of fact, I may have to stop and get some on my way to work tonight in honor of the day.

Sometimes I get the chili on hot dogs….

Sometimes I get it on French Fries….

Most of the time, I just walk in and order the chili by the quart! Man, is that good stuff!!!

With the winter weather, it’s a perfect day for a pipin’ hot bowl of chili!

Kevin’s Famous Chili – one of my favorite scenes from the Office

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