Funny Photo Memory

Due to my lack of creativity this week, I have turned to a daily writing prompt to spark a blog idea. The prompt that struck me was this:

Find a picture that brings back a funny memory just by looking at it. Tell us about it.

I have no shortage of pictures I can chose from, but as I was searching through some older photos I found the one that made me laugh out loud. It is a professional photo of my first born son.

He is 3 months old in this picture. He is my first child and because he was a boy, we had many “sporty” type outfits that we bought or that were given to us. I love the fact that the Detroit Tigers hat matched this outfit. I believe the bat came from a game that I attended before he was born. As you can see, the props make the a cute picture, even cuter!

So what is so funny about this very cute picture? Well, it isn’t really what you can see in it, it is what happened at the shoot itself.

He is going to be 20 years old next month, so I cannot remember if the incident happened before the pictures were taken or after. I want to say afterward, because there is a picture of him in this same outfit on his belly, and I highly doubt we would have gotten that picture afterward.

We had the pictures taken at a professional studio. It may have been Sears, I don’t remember. At any rate, because he couldn’t sit up yet, they threw one of those things under the rug to help prop him up. If my memory serves me correctly, it was after this picture was taken that we heard him “explode.”

The day this picture was taken was the day of his first diaper blowout! I remember picking him up and there was poop all up his back. Wow, it was terrible. It was soaking through the back of this baseball uniform and I remember that it smelled awful. I don’t recall if we brought an outfit change that day. I remember being excited to have the pictures done in that outfit.

Every time I see this picture, as cute and as innocent as my son looks in it, all I can think of is that diaper blowout!

7 thoughts on “Funny Photo Memory

  1. This made me laugh. I remember when my son first managed to explode his nappy, well, actually, he managed to get the poo all the way up his back (how???), and it shot out of the collar of his top like a bubbling volcano. All I can say is that he looked mighty proud of his achievement. I’m glad you got the cute picture taken before the incident. Must look at baby photos today! They bring back the best of memories. And the most spectacular explosions… I know there’s a picture somewhere of my son eating his first mashed up carrot. That experience ended up in a Jackson Pollock art explosion… Hey ho, creativity is a good thing, isn’t it? Lovely post, Keith.

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    1. I am positive that the poop was out of the diaper and up his back! I don’t think it made it out the collar, thankfully. I want to say we ran to the nearest washroom and rinsed the diaper in a sink before we left. I’m glad you got a laugh out of this! As soon as I came across that picture, I knew it was the one to write about. Baby pictures are a joy! It’s crazy to see just how much they change in so little time. Thanks, Britta! Enjoy the weekend!

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