4 thoughts on “Picky Eater

  1. I remember that phrase! I work with 3s and 4s and it’s the range of who will eat what. I find that if they help to cook the food, they will often eat it, or if they see their peers eating it, but not always. some kids are just going to be picky eaters, and it will come and go. one of my daughters only ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for months and the pediatrician said, don’t worry about it, she’s not hungry and is getting protein, she’ll eventually go back to some other foods and he was right.

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  2. ‘Try it you’ll like it’ sounds familiar… was that what the older kids used to say to Mikie in the Life cereal commercials before declaring ‘hey Mikie! He likes it’? Do you think this signifies Andrew will be a lot more adventurous than Ella in other aspects as they get older?


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