Happy 50th Anniversary – Fred & Lamont!

50 years ago today, Sanford and Son premiered on TV. In honor of the anniversary, here are links to two “Sanford” related blogs I wrote some time ago. The first comes from a Blogathon where I was to write about one of my favorite episodes and the second is about the fantastic theme song. Don’t be a “Big Dummy,” enjoy revisiting these blogs.

20 thoughts on “Happy 50th Anniversary – Fred & Lamont!

      1. Adam 12 was NOT a kids show…I didn’t remember how serious it was. Heroin addicts and all sorts of stuff going on…I thought it was a kids show until I started to watch it again….it could be one of my shows!

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      2. I’ve never seen that! I’m watching the sixties Dragnet…saw the Blueboy episode.
        Webb….walked with his hands by his side….and straight ahead.

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