Why no, I haven’t seen that …

As a morning DJ on the radio, I was expected to watch all the “hot” shows.  I was on air when the first season of American Idol was on, when Desperate Housewives debuted, and when Grey’s Anatomy premiered.  I watched most of those shows.  What made it very difficult was that most of these shows came on after 9pm and I was up at 3:30am to be on the air at 6am.  That’s where the show prep services came in handy.  Many of them had “recaps” of all the things that happened in those hit shows and we could easily sound like we were “in the loop” with them.

Now that I only do radio part time and have a full time non-radio job, I rarely watch any of the “hype” shows.  My wife, who started watching Grey’s Anatomy when it started, continues to never miss an episode (even when she has to watch it a day later online).  There are very few shows that I have any desire to watch.  If I have time to watch TV, it is usually something old that I have on DVD or watch on YouTube.

Every day when I scroll Facebook, I can see the things that are trending and can honestly say, “I’ve never seen that.”  The past couple weeks there have been plenty of memes saying “I have never seen an episode of ….” or “When you talk about _____, I honestly just nod because I don’t know what the hell you are talking about”.  Yeah, that’s me.

Businessman with a paper bag on head

That’s right.  I have never seen a full episode of Game of Thrones.  I have seen bits and pieces because someone may have been watching it at work or in a room I walk through.  I know, it’s a big deal – to some people – not to me.

Another show I have never seen an episode of is The Walking Dead, or the various spin offs.  I know that some big characters were killed off on the show and caused a ruckus on social media, but I couldn’t tell you who, how, or why.  The whole “zombie” thing is something I just don’t find interesting.

Then there is Stranger Things.  I saw an episode or two of this.  I might watch it, if I had the time, because I think the nostalgia part of it is neat, but in all honesty, I’d rather watch one of the many old shows I have at home on DVD.

Now before you get angry, let me preface this next section by saying I have seen Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man and Iron Man 2, and The Avengers Age of Ultron.  I think I saw them because my boys wanted to see them.  It’s not that I am not into the whole Marvel thing, I enjoyed some of the Spiderman films.  It’s not that I don’t like super heroes, I enjoyed a few of the early Batman films.  It just seems to me that there is an over abundance of these movies out today.

These super heroes were all over my TV growing up.  They were in comic books.  They were in cartoons on Saturday morning.  I love super heroes, but to me these stories are more and more special effects than a good story.  Yes, the effects are important, but so is the story.  Some of these stories are just rehashing of the same premise.  They did Spiderman with Tobey Maguire … did we need a new series of them?  They did Superman with Christopher Reeve … did we need a newer version with what ever the actor’s name is?  I thought Michael Keaton was good as Batman … now there is a slew of Dark Knight films.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all a buzz about this Avengers movie coming out.  I have a co-worker who literally threatened us to not tell her what happens in the movie, because she isn’t going on the day it opens.  I don’t see what the big deal is.  It’s just another super hero movie.  It will be filled with good versus evil, loud explosions, maybe someone will die, and millions of dollars in special effects.  I won’t be seeing this in the theater.  I probably won’t even rent it on DVD or watch it on Netflix.

Maybe I should be ashamed of that.  Maybe I am a little bit.


Maybe, I am not.  I heard someone say once “an old movie you have never seen, is a new movie”.  The same holds true for episodes of TV shows you have never seen and books you have never read.  My book shelves are stacked with books that I have yet to read.  I have complete series of TV shows that I have yet to watch.  I’d much rather be watching those.

Just my opinion.

33 thoughts on “Why no, I haven’t seen that …

  1. lol we are a lot alike. I’ve never watched Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead bored me to tears. I’ve watched the Marvel stuff because of my son Bailey. I have to admit…I do want to see Endgame…

    Most of the newer shows don’t interest me.

    We were out the other day and wanted to see a movie so we watched Shazam…I told him the Shazam I knew was on Saturday mornings in the seventies.

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    1. I remember watching Shazam in the 70’s! I remember watching these weird live action shows, too! I may or may not have blogged about Elektra Woman and Dynagirl, Dr. Shrinker, and Monster Squad (with Fred “Gopher” Grandy!

      I think we are very much alike! LOL

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      1. The Shazam and Isis hour.
        I haven’t seen the Monster Squad in forever.
        I think I blogged about Shazam and Isis…but there was only a small window of people who saw them because they have to be a certain age.
        Loved Land of the Lost also…

        Fans of seventies TV…

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      2. Boy, do I miss those Saturday mornings!! I went out and bought a few DVD’s so I could share them with my kids: Scooby Doo, Laff-A-Lympics, Hong Kong Phooey, Flintstones, Jetsons. and so many Looney Toons! We were a lucky group of kids!!

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      3. Yes…we had the best Saturdays…when Saturdays were important.
        I wouldn’t trade my ERA in the 70s for any other time.

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    2. And, Isis!

      GOT…I saw one episode. The first one. All I saw was butts, boobs & gore. TWD is the same minus boobs. The storyline is much the same. This group wants to kill that group for power, supplies & land. TWD has zombies instead of dragons. *yawn*

      I also did not like seeing a beloved character (John Winchester) turn into the asshole Neegan. 😠😡🤬

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      1. I would like to know! That pissed me off….all of a sudden zombies and no one on the show seem to wonder what the hell happened….each season was like groundhog day…same thing

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      2. It was a contagion. A bug of some sort. In the first season, they traveled to the CDC in Atlanta to get answers. Some seasons in, it was revealed in one episode that EVERYONE was infected but, not everyone turned. However, if you were lucky enough not to turn, alive, EVERYONE turned once they died. That’s why they mutilate the heads of the dead.

        I don’t know everything. I’ve been forced to watch it because Ken likes it. There’s a lot I don’t get. It’s SO violent that most of the time, I’m closing my eyes.

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      3. I do remember the CDC trip. I was hoping his son would get whacked…he got on my nerves.. I just couldn’t take anymore

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      4. Yep. Carl bit the dust, finally. The episodes on air, now, are fast-forwarded…six years? Seven years? Carl’s little sister is a bigger kid, now, wearing the brown hat. Rick is gone (you don’t know if he is alive or dead). I think Maggie left the show, too, ’cause she is in another TV show, now.

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      5. I haven’t watched any new shows in a long time. The only “newer” shows I’ve watched is…The Wire, Breaking Bad, and The Sopranos…Hans reccomended them… they were good.
        The other one I watched is Life On Mars…a 16 episode BBC show that I highly recommend. A cop gets hit by a car and wakes up in 1973 and he is in the force then…of course completely different rules lol.

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      6. I don’t watch new shows, either. Most of them suck…out loud. I do enjoy Last Man Standing just because I really like Tim Allen & Nancy Travis. I was pissed when it was cancelled. I already didn’t like it when they re-cast the eldest daughter but, I adjusted. Now, we’ve lost the actress that played the second daughter because she was otherwise engaged and the third daughter isn’t on much. Talk about screwing things up.

        Past that, I love the Science Channel. Anything else is just re-runs…stuff that was good years ago that can’t be duplicated…Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Babylon 5, The Outer Limits, Doctor Who prior to Capaldi… I do keep up with Supernatural. I got hooked on that in the second season. I DID love the X-Files…until the return. They became preachy just like all the other crap on TV. I just happened to catch the first episode of the new Dick Wolf (Law & Order) creation: FBI. OMG, talk about PREACHING AND terrible acting. I think that loon-bug was a SJW before the term existed. I can’t stand a TV show that attempts to shame me, then, tells me how I SHOULD think.

        I’ve heard of Life On Mars. I think we tried to duplicate it like we tried to re-create Coupling. If BBC isn’t running re-runs, I’m not sure how I can see it.

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      7. I heard talk that they were thinking about rebooting Home Improvement. I always thought Patricia Richardson was great.

        Same as you on Doctor Who…that was the one show that I would look forward to each week. I would download it from the UK a week before we got it here.

        Amercia did try Life on Mars…it sucked…it sucked bad. I don’t get it…just play the UK version here… it was so much better but I guess they…being the networks think that we can not understand a British accent.

        I still watch the Twilight Zone…I tried the new one and again it’s about diversity…I’ll stick with Mr. Serling’s reruns.

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      8. I know what you mean. I’m trying to think of just one I like…I can’t think of one.
        The one I really hated…was Land of the Lost…yes the original had bad effects…but the stories were great…I thought the reboot movie would work because they could have a great story with good effects…nope it stunk…well at least to me anyway.
        The original Land of the Lost had writers from Star Trek…great stories…

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      9. Yes…Science Fiction was not as popular in the early seventies and they were out of work. I went back to watch Land of the Lost recently and for a kids show some of the stories were great.

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      10. I loved Home Improvement and she has guest-starred on LMS. So has Bill Engvall, whom played opposite Nancy Travis on The Bill Engvall Show (also starring a 16 year old, pre-star Jennifer Lawrence as the oldest kid).

        They FUBARed Coupling, too. NBC used the same scripts and even Moffat (who executive produced both) couldn’t fix it.

        Twilight Zone was re-done in 1985 & 2002, movie in 1983 and I see the 2019 attempt. There’s also been a radio series, a 1994 TV film and a Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in Florida, Japan & France. Woopie! *eyes rolling*

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      11. I’ve seen her spots on LMS…Loved it.

        I have all of the originals, 85, and 2002…the latter two just don’t stack up. I’ve watched the new one so far and I’m not impressed….lol


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