The Things I Notice …

Ella brings me books to read all the time. Yesterday, I read Goodnight Moon more than once. I get to the pages above and all of a sudden, I start thinking. “Is this rabbit a millionaire?” “Does he live in a mansion?” Look at the size of this kid’s room!

Our master bedroom at home isn’t this big! In our room we have our bed, a night stand, a big and small dresser, a small book shelf and that’s pretty much it. Look at the space in this bunny’s room! You could probably play football in it! Two big picture windows, a large book case with more than one set of the Encyclopedia Britannia on it, a fireplace, huge area rug, artwork on three walls, a fireplace, and a tiger skin rug!

Is it just me, or does it seem like this kid is a bit spoiled?

Sorry. Rant over.

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