The Tool I Hate the Most…

Growing up, I remember my dad building stuff for us.  Dressers, Swing Sets, Bookshelves, Beds, etc….  He needed a few tools:  a hammer, a screw driver (sometimes one of each – flat head and Phillips), and a wrench.  Sometimes he would need a socket wrench or drill, depending on the job at hand.  Lately, this has changed, and it angers me.

I guess it was when my oldest son was about 3 when I bought a swing set for him.  Before that I had a lawn mower and spreader I put together.  Then I had some dresser I bought that I put together.   All three of these things made me HATE putting stuff together….the allen wrench!

God, do I hate the fact that almost everything you buy today needs to be put together with an allen wrench!!  Today, I was cussing and fussing while putting together a trampoline for the kids.  My hands are literally throbbing in pain from tightening the bolts on this thing!  There has got to be an easier way, right??

I am sure that it serves it purpose.  There is probably a reason for the way it is shaped and designed.  I just don’t think that if whatever you are building is going to have more than 20 bolts to tighten, that the hex screw is the way to go.  Give the bolts a standard size so I can use a socket wrench on them!  With a socket wrench, I will at least know that it is tight!

Along with the 50+ bolts I had to tighten with this instrument of torture, they also threw in some phillips screws.  Now, the manufacturer being the nice folks that they are, made sure to include all the tools you will need in the fancy packaging with the nuts and bolts.  So they give you this ridiculous thing – the combination allen wrench and phillips screwdriver.


What a piece of CRAP!  First of all, try turning this screwdriver – you can’t.  Second, the thing is made with such poor materials, the screw doesn’t strip, the actual head of this thing crumbles!  Thanks for trying to help, but this tool is about as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle.  Don’t even get me started on the two wrenches that they included in this set!

Whenever I have to put something together, if I see that there is an allen wrench involved, my blood pressure skyrockets!!!  I hate them!!!

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