The Quiet/Loud Game

My daughter has a new “game” she plays with me. It makes me laugh and I love it.

Ever since she had her tube surgery, she is talking up a storm! Sometimes she is at the opposite end of the room and will for no reason just start repeating, “Hi, Dada!” “Hi, Mama!” over and over. We always respond with “Hi, baby!” “Hi, Boo!” or “Hi, Boo Boo!”

I’m not sure when the “game” started, but it was within the last week or so. If she crawls up in my lap she’ll snuggle up and watch TV with me. I will almost always whisper in her ear, “I love you.” This was probably what started it.

Now she will whisper, “Hi, Dada” and I whisper back “Hi, Boo!” Then she’ll say “Hi, Dada!” at a normal volume, to which I respond “Hi, Boo!” in a normal volume. The game is to see if I can follow her in whatever voice she uses. It’s like Simon says, to a degree.

Whisper. Whisper.

Loud. Loud.

Loud. Loud.

Loud. Loud.

Whisper. Whisper.

Whisper. Whisper.

Loud. Loud.

It goes on for about 5 minutes until she laughs and decides the game is over.

As silly as it sounds, I hope we keep playing this game for a while, and I hope I can save it on video so I can remember it forever….

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