Gourd Ahead And Make Fun of Me

One of the milestones you reach as a baby is when you move up from formula or breast milk to jarred baby food. Now, of course, the food comes in little plastic containers. When I was a baby, however, they came in jars.

It’s actually funny to look at that picture. I remember my parents talking about Blueberry Buckle! I see lots of “bananas” in the picture, which makes sense, because my mom told me I loved bananas and so did each of my children. We all loved carrots, too!

In doing a search for pictures, I saw the one below and was amazed at the stuff that was available to babies in the 70’s.

Bacon was in some of them!! I can’t imagine liking tuna as a kid, but Ella eats it in mac and cheese, so maybe it was popular.

There were some weird ones, though …


And I truly hope no good parent ever fed their baby this:


Here is one of my favorite personal baby stories:

When I began eating jarred baby food, my mom told me I loved squash!

It was one food she never had to fight me to eat. Now whether or not she fed me a lot of it because I wouldn’t eat other foods, I don’t know. What I do know is I ate a lot of it!

One day, my mom thought I looked very jaundiced. I was bright orange. She was so freaked out by it she took me to the doctor. Of course, the doc asked her what I was eating and when she mentioned squash, he told her that was the reason I was “jaundiced!”

For whatever it is worth, I still love squash! Growing up, my mom used to buy the frozen squash at the store. I remember it came in a package as a big frozen block!

As I remember, the block we used to buy came in a silver wrapping.

She would throw some butter in a pan with the frozen squash and cook it up. I could eat a whole pan! As a matter of fact, when I moved away for a radio job on the west side of the state, that was one thing that was always in my freezer.

Since Ella started eating baby food, I have been looking in the freezer section of the grocery store for these blocks of squash, but have not been able to find them. I asked my dad about it and he said he hadn’t seen it in the store lately either. I’m not sure if they stopped making it like this or what. I can tell you I really wish I could find it.

They do have it “cubed” in the freezer section, and I am sure I could probably mash it up when it is cooked and it would probably taste the same. I just have fond memories of mom cooking up that block of squash for me.

I guess it is safe to say that I am “out of my gourd” over squash!

12 thoughts on “Gourd Ahead And Make Fun of Me

    1. I’ve had this in my “blog ideas” book for a while. I just happened to open up the freezer at home today before I left and remembered that I had bought some cubed squash – HOPING that it will taste the same. LOL

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  1. Squash is good stuff.

    The only thing my mother told me that I didn’t like was green beans. She told me that, every time she tried to feed them to me, she wound wearing them. 😆

    Curiously, as an adult, I like green beans very much. The baby food must have been nasty for me to spew it back on my mom. 😠😡🤢🤮😆

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  2. Parenthood is magically and perversely unique. When we become parents for the first time, parental worries are high on the list of thoughts we’re thinking. And, because of the nature of raising children, reality creates situations for us to legitimately worry about. Being a good parent requires a good grasp of reality, and the ability to firmly suppress “nay-saying” emotions and thoughts. You have to just assume everything is going to be alright.

    — Catxman


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