I Forgot To Tell You

I’m finally getting back into a normal routine again. Last week I had a couple nights off work for Ella’s birthday and all the days have been running together. Here are a few things I neglected to post about over the past couple days.

PAP for the Little Man

Last Wednesday, Andrew was back at the sleep lab. He has apnea and he was back to try CPAP. I can tell you it is difficult to get some adults to use CPAP, let alone a 15 month old child. My wife and I expected a night of hell! At first, it looked like that was going to be the way it was going to go. There aren’t many pediatric CPAP masks, and the one he started with seemed to really be bugging him. We collectively decided to try the only other mask we knew of, and it worked like a charm. He went right to sleep with the new mask and slept through the night.

We got the call today that his machine and mask will be ready on Friday. The doctors hope that he will only have to wear it for a few months. Fingers crossed.

Fruity Call

My best friend Jeff came over the other day. Sam and Andrew were both sleeping. Ella gets excited whenever folks come over. So she’s running around, hopping and hollering. Sam woke up for work and comes out and joins the conversation.

As we are talking, Ella grabs this toy banana, puts it to her ear and begins yelling, “Hello!? Hello?! I can’t hear you! I’ve got a banana in my ear!”

She repeats this over and over and each time she laughs harder at her joke!

No idea whether she heard this somewhere or she made it up, but it made us all chuckle!! She’s my little comedian!!

What Football Game!?

It’s funny. For years I always had a Super Bowl party to go to. Over the past couple years, I just watched it from home. Over the past few days, anyone I have talked to asked if I watched the game on Sunday. “No.” I had to reply. You see, when you have a three year old, you basically watch what she wants or you suffer with a melt down.

No. I did not see the game. However, I did get a couple hours getting to know Gabby and her dollhouse!

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