Is it “Binge” Worthy?

I am a sleep technologist full time.  Naturally, when I see articles related to sleep, I read them.  The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recently took a survey to find out what keeps us up at night.


Coming in at #4 – Playing video games.  59% of men and 42% of women do it.

Coming in at #3 – Watching sports.  The survey says that 60% of us sometimes choose sports over sleep. (75% were men, while 45% were women)

The second thing that keeps us up at night is reading.  According to the survey 71% of women and 61% of men lose sleep because they couldn’t put down a book. (Personally, I LOVE when a book keeps me interested like that!)

So what was the #1 thing that keeps us up at night?  No surprise – Streaming TV shows or movies. A whopping 88% of us do this!  Of that group, 95% of the people were between 18 & 45 years old.

24 % of people in the survey said they usually are angry with themselves for putting entertainment over sleep.

The results got me to thinking.  As someone who rarely gets enough sleep because of my job, what TV shows would I consider to be “Binge Worthy”?

Since the birth of television, there have been thousands of TV shows!  With the availability of many of those shows on DVD and on streaming sites, which ones would I actually think about streaming or binge-watching?  I decided to break it down by decade.  I wrote down the first four shows from each decade that came to mind down.  So, here are the shows that I could easily “binge” watch:

The 1950’s





The 1960’s





The 1970’s





The 1980’s





The 1990’s





The 2000’s



30 rock


Now it’s your turn.  If you want to Google it – go ahead, but I thought it was more fun to just think of the decades and write down the first ones that came to my head.

What are YOUR “binge worthy” shows??



5 thoughts on “Is it “Binge” Worthy?

    1. You make a good point! My life is so busy, I rarely get the chance to just sit and watch TV. I have many entire series on DVD, but I have only got a few shows into each series. Usually, in the winter time, when I am inside more, I will pop a show in and have it playing in the background while I do stuff around the house.

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  1. I have binged on the Twilight Zone so many times that I have seen them at least 5-7 times each…and notice something different each time… All the shows you have mentioned are binge-worthy!
    I’ve binge-watched…ready for this? Leave It To Beaver and Petticoat Junction.

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    1. Twilight Zone is easy to watch more than once, especially for the reason you mention – you always catch little things.

      Beaver and Petticoat can easily be guilty pleasures! I’m sure I have a few strange ones I could mention too

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