Brief Update

If I am being honest with you, I had to really think for a minute to remember what day it was today. The past few week has been a blur with everything going on. So I wanted to give a brief update.

Andrew is doing well after his surgery. I would venture to say that he is sleeping better, but he sounds worse, if that makes any sense. His breathing is just very raspy at times, and I am sure this is just because his throat/larynx is still healing.

On Friday afternoon, we were told that my sister-in-law only had a few hours left before she would pass away. I called into work because it sounded like we had reached that point. As of this writing, Grace is still fighting. The hospice nurses are baffled. She has been fighting for life since the day she was born, and she continues to do so. The latest estimate is that she will not make it through the day. I thank you for the words of encouragement and your prayers for our family.

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