Toddler Words

Many years ago, Art Linkletter hosted a show called “Kids Say The Darndest Things.” The show was later revamped and was hosted by Bill Cosby. Why was the show a hit? Because it is so true – kids say some of the funniest things!!

I remember a few things my older boys used to say that still crack me up. They used to call the vacuum cleaner a “Latchoom” and Ice Cream was “High Creem.” To this day, whenever we get pizza, I will say “Pee-cah.” Whenever the Little Caesar’s commercial would come on and say “Pizza! Pizza!” my sons would say “Pee-Cah! Pee-Cah!”

When Ella got up one day this week, Sam asked her what she wanted for breakfast. “Bah-Mam-Mah!” was her response. She has been calling bananas “Bah-Mam-Mahs” for a few weeks now. We began to chuckle and Sam made the comment, “Baby, I hope you always call them “Bah-Mam-Mahs!”

She then commented to me that she also hopes that she will continue to call shakes “Ice Cream Pop!”

That phrase started when she snagged my Boston Cooler a week ago. She has fallen in love with shakes and “Ice Cream Pop” has become a standard answer to the question, “What would you like to drink your breakfast (or lunch or dinner)?”

Those along with “Kee Kat” (for kitty cat), “Bahguppie” (for Bubble Guppies), “Cah-chee” (for Cottage Cheese. This was actually worse at one time.), and “Tab-Oh-Let” (for tablet) are words I hope she always says!! They make me smile!!

What are some mispronounced words you remember your kids saying??

4 thoughts on “Toddler Words

  1. My older lad has a Scottish (Glasgow) dad and an English (Newcastle) mum. We moved from Stirling (Scotland) to Manchester ( (England) when he was 8 months and lived there three years. Si he had a bit of mixed (confused?) accent. It was not so much what he called something that made us laugh, but we had to teach him to say ‘Knife and fork’ instead of the other way around. This came about one day at Playgroup lunchtime when he ever so politely asked the horrified teacher to pass him the ‘Fork ‘n’ knife.’ (I know … it’s an accent thang.) 😉

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