NOT Eating Good in the Neighborhood!

It is my fault. Sunday night, I was going through some things and found a white envelope with my name on it. My radio name. I opened the envelope and it was a Christmas card from my old boss at WCRZ – Cars 108. I must have just returned to the station as she had written, “Glad to have you back as part of the team.” This was probably from four years ago. Inside the card were two gift cards. Two Applebee’s gift cards.

I turned them over and the area for the pin number had not been scratched off. In my mind, this means that I never used them. My first thought was that I would be able to use them to take my wife out for dinner on a date night. I had no idea how much was on each card, so I called the number on the back of the card.

Each time I tried to call, the call would not connect. I tried numerous times. I thought maybe it was something wrong with my phone. So, I decided to try to check the balance online. I typed in the numbers on the first card and entered the pin. The website stated that there was an “error.” I tried the second card and it did the same thing. I decided to try the number again. It still wouldn’t connect.

I decided to see if someone at the local restaurant could look up the balance. I called the local restaurant and they were happy to help. I gave them the numbers and the pin numbers of both cards. Both times I was told that nothing was coming up. I had to chuckle. Of course they couldn’t find anything.

According to all the Applebee’s sites, the cards never expire. I really find it hard to believe that our boss, who gave these cards to everyone on the staff, would have given us all cards that were never activated (which is what the restaurant suggested). If that was the case, I am sure I would have heard about it.

I have no idea how much would have been on the cards, I’m sure it was probably no more than $50. But it sure would have been a nice little treat to have found out that they were still good. I’m glad I didn’t take my wife there and find out as we paid that there was an issue with the cards.

8 thoughts on “NOT Eating Good in the Neighborhood!

  1. It is frustrating, we’ve had similar experiences. Often these zero balances or “unactivated” cards are a result of one of two things. Defective cards or fraud. We took our fight to corporate and got replacement cards. I wish you the same success!

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  2. i’ve had that sort of thing happen to, no matter what they suggest it seems most retail type gift cards do expire within 2 years tops. Part of the reason why every store seems to want to sell them and have their own – they know a lot of people will forget about them , lose them or not use them in time so they get the money and don’t have to give anything in return.
    Last time we went to Applebees here, it wasn’t a great experience. Food was not bad – when it arrived. But there was only one waitress for the whole floor, she was overworked and complaining to us about that, and apparently there was only one cook on too, so we waited over an hour to get the food.

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    1. I believe you are right! I think many people know they don’t always get used. Like you said, they still get their money.

      It’s like those monthly subscriptions! My son signed up for something and $170 later he realized he was still being charged for an app or game he no longer used!


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