Sleepless Snuggles

Remember that children’s song where they sing, “There we’re 10 in the bed and the little one said, ‘Roll over! Roll over!”? I wanted to sing that so bad last night. Except that there were 4 in the bed (5 if you count the cat.)!

Sleepy Ella quite a while ago…

Andrew is teething, so he is extra fussy. Sam and I were both already exhausted because I worked the night before and she was up with the kids.

Andrew was crying and upset, so Sam laid him next to her and snuggled him. I fell asleep and Sam was up with him off and on. I guess I woke up about 2am, which is par for the course on my nights off.

Sam finally got AJ to settle and I was up reading on my tablet. I was shutting it off when I heard Ella from the baby monitor. She is crying. I waited a second, because many times, she just can’t find her pacifier. That was the issue, but she had all over her blankets in such a way that she wouldn’t be able to find them.

I walked into the room forgetting that I left the baby monitor in our room on. So Sam and the baby hear me trying to calm Ella, who is now really crying. I wound up bringing her into our bed, and everyone was up!

So now we have me, Sam, AJ, and Ella (and the dumb cat) in our bed. Sam and AJ finally go back to sleep, but Ella isn’t about to. So snuggled next to her and her blanket. I can feel myself fighting to stay awake, and every time I look at her, she was wide awake.

Needless to say, I was up all night and almost all day. I was looking forward to their nap time. Well when Ella finally went down for her nap, I fought AJ to take his. Eventually, he fell asleep …just before Ella woke up.

How I am even awake right now….I’m not even sure. I am hopeful to get some rest…


7 thoughts on “Sleepless Snuggles

  1. I think you need ANOTHER one! lol….ah it’s all worth it.
    No what I need to do is send Martha up to live with you guys…that way a 140 lb Saint Bernard would join you guys in bed. lol

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