Not Exactly What I Had Planned

Remember my last blog? Remember the list of things I had to do and things I wanted to do? Well, all of that went out the window this weekend!

While it is disappointing that I didn’t really get anything done, our kids are the priority. Ella has been extra whiney this week. We now know why. Late Friday night, she spiked a good fever. Saturday morning, we called our PCP to see if we could get her in to see the doc. Saturdays used to be for emergency appointments only, but I guess that isn’t the case anymore. They said they could get her in on Monday.

Well, Sam and I weren’t going to sit around and fool with that, so Sam took her to Urgent Care. Sure enough, she has a double ear infection. The urgent care doc said it looked terrible and prescribed some antibiotics. We went and saw PCP today and she scooped out a bunch of wax from one ear which really seemed to help. She told us she couldn’t see the ear tubes, which probably means they fell out. Because of that, we had to schedule a follow up with the ENT doc.

Tuesday is the Daddy/Daughter Pirate adventure I’ve been looking forward to. Whether or not we go to that is still up in the air. Ella is still not 100%, I caught a spring cold, and it is supposed to rain Tuesday. If we don’t end up going, I will figure out something else that we can do together.

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