A Princess and a Little Prince


I will often talk about things that come up on my Facebook Memories page. Today, the following photo came up of Ella from one year ago:

The caption on Facebook reads: Ella wearing my new favorite outfit – Daddy’s Little Princess

This reminded me of a story from this week. Ella has a crown that reads “Big Sister” she got before AJ was born. She put it on and was walking around the house saying she was “Princess Ella.” She gave the crown to Sam. I said “It’s queen mommy,” and she said she was “Queen Ella.” It is amazing to see how her imagination is blossoming.

When she wears her tutu, she’s a pretty ballerina. When she wears her nurse PJ’s (or her stethoscope) she’s Doctor Ella. She gets more and more creative as she sits and plays. I can’t get enough of watching her.

Little Prince

Yesterday, we celebrated AJ’s 5 month birthday. It’s crazy that so much time has already gone by. He is already in 6-9 month clothes! He is a big boy! Sam got him an outfit for Easter, but the way he is growing, he may outgrow it before then! Tonight, Sam sent a picture of his toe popping through the foot of his pajamas! He may just be my football player!

He is such a mellow little guy. He smiles a lot. He only really fusses when he is hungry or when he doesn’t want to go to sleep. Nothing warms my heart more that to see him light up when I walk into the room. Whether I am walking in from work or walking into the living room after waking up, I can count on a big smile from him and Ella yelling, “Daddy” and giving me a hug.

With each Ella story I tell, I know there will be AJ stories that are similar. I can’t wait for those. I am looking forward to seeing them grow and bond together. I have a feeling they are going to be pretty good friends. I love them both so much!

My little princess and prince

12 thoughts on “A Princess and a Little Prince

      1. Yes that would be normal… I only have one child so I never went through that.

        Off Topic: Do you like the original Star Trek? There is a reason I’m asking

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      2. Well….After I finish the Twilight Zone…I thought about Star Trek in a few months…BUT…I probably would not do it by myself. I would like to split it up.
        I thought about that show or Tales from the Darkside etc… Anyway…If I did it…would you be interested?

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      3. Ok man…I think it would be fun…
        Look at my Twilight Zone and see if that would be a good format. Anyway I’ll talk to you about it.

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